Pakit donates hand sanitizing stations to the Mayors office

Nov 20, 2020 | News

Local Bensalem Company donates hand sanitizing stations to Bensalem Municipal Complex.

Pakit, a local business, has provided the Bensalem Township Municipal Building with free sanitizing stations to fight against Covid-19. Bob Mainart, Vice President of the company, stated, “We wanted to be team players and help our home community with this product, which is 73% alcohol, and the stands are sleek and don’t compromise a lot of space.”

“Anything we can do to protect people, especially our law enforcement and municipal workers during these unparalleled times, we feel is important,” Mainart continued. Mayor DiGirolamo welcomed this PPE and stated, “My administration has always been about the health, safety, and welfare of people, whether they live in Bensalem or are just visiting. Thank you to Pakit Displays. We are grateful for their contribution.”