Ask Us

While every project is unique, we’ve put
together a list of the most common
questions our customers have before they begin working with us.

Q: Why a “custom” display? Don’t they cost a lot more?

A: First, obviously to sell more of your products. Usually, when you have your product in more than just the home location (on the shelf with the rest of the category), you will sell more of your product because it is on a display that only holds YOUR product! Many of our designs cost less than generic displays that don’t separate your product from the masses!

Q: How does the process begin?

A: The process begins by giving us a call or sending an email. We will ask you a few very basic questions to get started. It’s that easy!

Q: How does the sample or prototype process work?

A: After we collectively review your project requirements, we start with the drawing/rendering process. We will then make any needed adjustments and fabricate a working sample to your specifications. Some prototypes incur a cost- some don’t- but most times, credit is issued once production begins. We always let you know the details upfront.

Q: What is the minimum for a production run?

A: It’s usually about a hundred displays, but each project can vary. Some require less than a hundred as a minimum. Relax- don’t worry; we’ll work with you…!

Q: Are there stock displays?

A: Yes, we have stock displays. Give us a call, and we can discuss whether any of our stock displays will meet your needs.

Q: How long does a production order take?

A: Usually, between (4-6) weeks. Sometimes a little less, sometimes a little more. We can provide specific and current lead times when we quote your project for you.  

Q: What color choices are available for displays?

A: The color choices for displays are available in almost any color that you might need. Plus, there are different textures and finishes!

Q: Should a display be assembled or knockdown (“KD”)?

A:  A display can be assembled or knock down (KD)… your choice.  Some displays are better designed as one piece units and others are better designed as “knock-down” units with minimal assembly needed.  We always try to best advise you including matters related to set-up, shipping and freight costs.

Q: How will my display be able to be set-up?

A: We know that timing and speed to market are always critical components to a successful rollout. That’s why we always provide custom, detailed instruction sheets with step by step directions to ensure that your display assembles easily, quickly and correctly.

Q: How is shipping handled?

A: We handle the shipping of your display order according to your instructions. You can arrange to pick up your order at our location with your preferred freight company or use our favorite freight company. Most freight is F.O.B. Bensalem, PA. Displays can also be drop-shipped to individual sites worldwide.

Q: Can product be packed with the new displays?

A:   Absolutely- we can pre-pack your display and provide a total turn-key solution for you.  We’ll make sure that the display and carton designs can accommodate your packed product in the same carton(s)—that way, everything can be palletized to arrive at the same time. No worries!

Q: Ok, so what’s next?

A: Now that you are a “CDE” (a Custom Display Expert), please give us a call or send an e-mail. Allow us to work on your next successful and profitable display design or project. You’ll be happy you did!